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Felt Fabric is a non-woven fabric made through the process of matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers. Use our soft and 72" in width Felt fabric to design various textile art and clothing projects including home decor, soundproofing, felt boards, placemats, and banners. Choose from our extensive range of colors that are available to create colorful arts, toys, fashion designs, costumes, and more.

Felt Fabric Felt is a non-woven fabric that is the result of a process which involves matting, condensing, and pressing woolen fibers to make a strong fabric. Felt has been used since time immemorial and is considered the first form of clothing. Originally, felt was used as a material for clothing, footwear, tents, and rugs. In modern times, felt is widely used for various functions including kid's crafts, home decor, felt boards, soundproofing, placemats, and banners. Due to its sturdiness and versatility, we now use felt for different fashion designs, costumes, toys, and arts.

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