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Quality You Can Rely Upon

Crafted from premium quality foam, PEARL IMPORTS, INC. Upholstery Foam Cushion is dependable, robust and long-lasting. The heavy-duty construction of the foam typically lasts for 7 to 12 years even in frequently used environments. The exceptionally durable properties allow it to be employed in rough and tough jobs. It is highly resilient too so that it will bounce back to its original shape even after long-term use. All our foams are CertiPUR-US certified*.









Wide Application

The standard thickness and optimum compression rate make it the go-to option for completing every type of upholstery projects. Works great as a seat replacement, furniture cushion, bedding mattress, boat cushion, poker table, upholstery headboards and much more. It is convenient to use for home projects yet durable enough to use for commercial purposes.


Optimum Cushioning & Stiffness

Our cushion features the dynamic duo of stiffness and softness. If you don't want a cushion that's hard as a rock or a mattress that sinks when you sit on it, you have to check the compression. Boasting a compression rate of 44lbs, our foam has a perfect fusion of cushioning and stiffness. 44Lbs rate means for every 44lbs on a general idea; your foam will compress by 25%.

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